Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Please let me know!!

Heather let me know the hotel I was looking at is in a very unsafe neighborhood so I am researching a few others. I will have a definite location for you guys this week. I am trying to find a place with a waterpark or a nice, big pool to contain us all for a great rate. I am really wanting to make this as affordable as possible for everyone to attend. I need to know how many of you are planning on attending either via facebook, blog comments or e-mail. We are having an outing at the zoo with us all getting together for lunch. I need a somewhat count so I can figure out what our discounted rate is. If we get 100 people for the zoo outing we get an awesome discount, free parking and free shelter rental. But we have to hit that 100 mark.

I am getting the logo finished up for t-shirts but was also wondering how many of you were planning on buying one. I am going to make this a separate fee so people don't feel obligated to purchase one if they don't wish to.

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