Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kid's Menu Choices

Sorry I had to call and get everything! Here are kid's menu choicies:

4 Regular Wings
4 Boneless Wings
4 Grilled Boneless Wings
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Tenders



Meals come with kid's drink

For those who haven't yet please get me your orders. It really will be much better for everyone if we have those ready when we walk in the door. We all know how hungry kids can be!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's getting close!

This Friday is the big weekend. I am so excited to see some of you again and meet some of you for the first time ever.

Those of you attending dinner Saturday night please go to the Quaker Steak and Lube website here and look at the menu. I will have the children's & tweener (bigger kid portions) menu up later this morning. Please e-mail me your orders for dinner by Thursday morning. I need to have to time to get them all together. I am assigning each family a ticket number. With that ticket number will be your orders for dinner. When we arrive to the restaurant I will give them to the manager so they can get our orders started immediately. This will make is much easier on everyone and will reduce the chaos from last year from hungry children. Please send me your order via e-mail: or message me on Facebook.

I will also be e-mailing everyone that needs them the directions to each location. The only place we will only need to drive to will be the zoo which is only about 15 minutes away. Everything else is right there near our hotel.

I am also making name tags for everyone to wear. It would be nice for those of who are "new" this year to know who everyone is. We have 11 families coming and most I do know especially due to Facebook but a few I do not. For those of you I haven't met yet I just want you to be aware I can be a bit shy. I know a shy person throwing something like this, crazy huh? Because of the smaller group this year I will definitely be able to talk to everyone which I am very excited about. There were so many people it was hard to get to know everyone.

For those who purchased zoo or ride tickets meet me at the will call window at 10:15. I already paid for them I just need to pick them up. I know there are only a few of you.

I can't wait to see everyone!!! Hopefully I will have some great news about our Travel Call for our son in South Korea on Friday. A girl can hope can't she!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just some last minute info!

Please, please make sure you register if you are planning on attending any of the events next month. I need all that information for final counts for everything. Right now we have 15 families attending the events.

Also those of you that plan on coming to the zoo Saturday morning we have the option of getting discounted ride tickets and souvenir cups. The ride tickets are usually $8.00 but we are able to get them for $5.00. Click on the link below for information about the rides. Some of the rides the younger kids are not able to ride. Also we are able to get souvenir cups for $4.50. It includes free refills throughout the day. I will need money for those ahead of time since I need to pay for them to pick them up. Please let me know by Friday, July 2nd so I can get the final count to the zoo.

I had a very hard time finding a restaurant willing and able to handle our large group. I finally made reservations at Quaker Steak and Lube for dinner Saturday night. Please note the new location. There is a link on the blog for the restaurant. Please check out the menu and let me know the week of the even what you would like to order. As I have mentioned before I have assigned a number to each family. As soon as we arrive at the restaurant I plan on letting the restaurant know our orders so they are able to get our food out to us right away. We will sitting outside on the patio!

Friday, June 25, 2010

For those of you that live in the area

I know there are like 5 families that live in the area that are thinking of attending some of the events for our weekend get-together. Please click on the link in the previous post and fill in the registration form. It will help me get a better count for the events.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Registration form

Please click below to fill out the registration form. Fill out after you have made your room reservation.

Click here to take survey out registration.

Just the last minute details

1) For those of you who plan on attending and staying at the hotel please get your reservation in as soon as possible. I have 15 rooms held until June 25th which is next Friday. After that the rate is guaranteed but only if they have availability. I can add rooms if need be. Please let me know via e-mail or Facebook that you booked your reservation.

2) Those of you that are attending the Friday night fun I will need your money ahead of time for dinner. It is so the pizzas are ready for us when we get there at 6:00 so we can have plenty of time playing. I am confirming the meal prices with Magic Mountain (just making sure tax is added in right). Right now it looks like it will be $4.00 for the 2 slices of pizza and drink meal and $5.50 for the 3 slices of pizza and drink meal. I did add in the tip so I just give them one lump sum when I pay and you won't have to worry about it after. Just let me know if you want pepperoni or chesse. Please feel free to visit their website and decide how you would like to purchase your play time. You can do the 2 hour unlimited or pick star program. Those of us with small kids please note the height requirements on some of the attractions.

3) We will be doing lunch on our own at the zoo outing. There are tons of options there for lunch. For those of you that plan on attending I will also need your money for the zoo tickets. Our discounted price is $12.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids 2 and up. I can collect cash ONLY from you at the gathering if you would rather. Please note: I will NOT give you any tickets until you pay me. For those of you with zoo memberships check to see if it is a reciprocating zoo. You may be able to get your tickets half price there at the zoo. Regular zoo tickets are $12.99 and $7.99. I do know that Cincy is one. We also have ride tickets available to us for $5.00 instead of the normal $8.00 price. If you would like one of these let me know. I need to know for sure regarding these since I will have to pay for these ahead of time.

4) I did try calling Red Robin for dinner Saturday night. Unfortunately the manager laughed at me (not in a mean way) and let me know there is no way they can handle a group our size without basically shutting down the restaurant while we are there. We will be having dinner at BJ's Restaurant which is right near the hotel. They have a HUGE array of foods & a somewhat private room. I am checking with the manager but I believe to help them with our big group and help us get our dinner faster than last year I am going to assign a number to each family. Then you can let me know what you would like to order and I can let them know ahead of time so they are prepared.

5) I would LOVE for us to get a group picture this year. If you all are up for it I would love to meet at the zoo so the kids are not wild, crazy and impatient like they were last year. I can dream can't I! Let me know what you think.

6) Most of you registered for the gathering last year. I want to make sure everyone registers and I have final counts and names. I am getting the form ready for you to fill out and will post in on here tomorrow. PLEASE fill it out if you are coming. It is my responsibility to make sure everyone is not only accounted for but safe while there. I need to know who people are who are attending!

7) If you any suggestions or comments please let me know!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rooms are ready!

I have held 15 rooms for now. If we need more I will add on more.

Families can secure their individual reservations by:
1) Calling 1-800-HAMPTON or 614-885-8400 and refer to the “A Gathering of our Hearts” group block.
2) Log online to and use code, GOH, in the Group/Convention Code field.

Again our rate is $99 a night for 2 queen beds with breakfast included.

Let me know if you have any problems. Can't wait to see you all!