Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Updates Below

The hotel we are staying at is the Hampton Inn at Polaris Mall. Our rate is $99 a night for 2 Queen beds. The rate includes breakfast each morning and there is a huge indoor pool. For those of you that are arriving Friday we are doing pizza & crazy fun at Magic Mountain at Polaris. It is 1 mile from the hotel. The rates are on the side but you have any questions let me know. As soon as I have the group rate I will let you know so you can book your rooms.

Saturday we are on for the zoo. I am trying to figure out lunch b/c the zoo charges way too much for food. It will be $8-$10 per person which personally I feel is crazy. We are trying to arrange to get sandwich trays from Subway which should be about $4.00 per person but I will let you know as soon as I find that out.

Saturday we are doing our dinner as a big group. I put a poll up for you to vote which restaurant you would like to eat at. Being that I changed to all adoptive families I don't anyone to feel left out. If you are not on Facebook please vote so I can add in your choice.

Thanks for being patient with me guys!!!

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