Sunday, February 8, 2009


I can't believe how many people have already said they are coming or are interested. I am so excited. I found out we can get a discounted group rate for the Childrens Museum. I am calling the hotel on Monday to find out if we can get a discounted group rate on rooms. Right now the rate is $185 a night for the waterpark rate. I think I am going to block out 20 rooms for now and see if we can add on later.

Right now we are planning to do the following things:

1) Have dinner Friday night at a kid-friendly restaurant. Obviously with this many of us we will probably have to make reservations or get a private room. If anyone has suggestions of close kid-friendly restaurants either leave a comment or e-mail.

2) Go to the Children's Museum on Saturday. Again we can get a discounted rate but I have to put in a reservation.

3) Right now the rest of the time playing in the waterpark. Hannah says there is some close good shopping but that is up to you.

I really want this to be very laid back and relaxing for all of us. I know some of the get-togethers have things planned at all moments but I would like to be realistic when it comes to our children. If you have any suggestions about other things to do let me know. Pass this info. on to anyone you think may want to join us. I know some people aren't on Facebook or are blog staulkers like the rest of us. I am getting so excited to finally see some of you in person and not in Blog or Facebook Land.

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